Add registrations admin role in the system.

Hello Gibbon team,
I’m still trying to customize Gibbon to our needs and I’m still in internship. :smiley:
We want to add a new role for the admins, only dealing with registrations. For example handling the registrations and informing the students about new courses. Also seeing a list wich students follow wich courses and other similar functions. So my question is what is better for my situation? Customizing an existing admin role and giving them certain permissions or beginning from scratch?

Thank you in advance.

Hi Abdulfattah, it sounds like you are learning a lot in your internship!

The answer to this question depends on how different the new role is to the current admin role: if they are similar, I would duplicate admin and customise it to create the new role. If they are very different, I would assign the new role’s permissions from scratch.

I hope this helps!