Add Markbook data into Report

Does anyone have custom code to include Markbook data into the report?

Hello igloocoza,

Thanks for taking the time to get in touch on this one. Gibbon comes from a school, ICHK Secondary, that has spent a lot of effort de-emphasising grades, and so does not have grade-management tools built in. We understand that this can be inconvenient, and whilst we do try and meet the needs of other schools, there are some areas to which we are not particularly drawn. I’d be happy to share some of the wonderful assessment tools that Gibbon provides, such as visualised rubrics, which do not utilise grades.

However, I also understand that for some schools grades are currently unavoidable, and so there are a couple of approaches here:

  1. One option is to use Query Builder (available here) to draw grades out of the Markbook into Excel, and then massage them to fit the Reporting Values by Course import (Admin > System Admin > Import From File). The Query Builder module is free, but you'd have to write your own SQL query. However, we do provide a library of useful queries on an annual subscription basis, and this has some useful Markbook queries to get you started. If you have a license, we could help you convert one of the existing queries to get it to match more closely to the import.
  2. A second option is to build a custom Reports module which has specific data sources and display templates to draw data directly from the Markbook to Reports. We've helped schools with this in the past, should you not have the internal capacity to do it. The cost of this would be around is variable depending on your needs, and we can quote if you email



I am having the same problem… I would just like a few indications on the second option. I have a former student who knows how to use SQL etc and has volunteered to help me.
But I am a little lost as how to start from the Reports to pull from Markbook. Could you give me any hints?

Hello! You can get stuck in with our Starter Module, which you can customise with your own module name. Usually we’d use Reports - School Initials here (e.g. Reports - ICHK).

Once you’ve got an install able module, you can add the following folders to it:

  1. sources
  2. templates

In the first folder you would create a data source that reads from the Markbook, and this will be a combination of PHP and MySQL. You can look in the core Gibbon folder /modules/Reports/src/Sources for example files to take inspiration from.

In the second folder you would create a Twig template file that takes the data from the source and displays it within a report. You can look in the core Gibbon folder /modules/Reports//templates for examples.

Hopefully this gets you and your wonderful former student up and running, but let us know if you have any questions. If you’d like more in-depth or expedited service, please check out our Expert Support: we help a lot of schools with this kind of customisation, as it can be tricky.