I am unable to find option to add a class… Kindly help

Hi soranidinesh, welcome to the Gibbon community! Classes are attached to courses, so first you’d need to create a course. Here’s a link to the Gibbon docs that may help get you started:

Thanks Sandra
We are running Bachelor of Physiotherapy course. We have four and a half year structure with first to fourth year BPT followed by 6 months internship.
So I created Bachelor of Physiotherapy course and I got the option of adding the classes in it. So does class represent first, second, third, fourth year BPT and internship… or it represent the subjects which are included in Bachelor of Physiotherapy irrespective of which year the students are in??
Additionally I also got confused in timetable columns headings too… I need sample data/screenshot of some developed structure which might help me to grasp the concept of it…

I also get the option of LEARNING AREA while editing classes and courses… I felt LEARNING AREA represents additional content from the basic course… So I am leaving it blank… Please correct me if I am wrong…