Adapting Gibbon to Flexible Class Schedule

Hello, I am hoping to use Gibbon to keep track of students and classes within a non-profit. The non-profit offers a variety of courses within different programs (departments), but these courses occur at varying times of the year and have varying durations. So basically, the school-year set-up doesn’t make much sense for us. Is there a way to adapt Gibbon so that we can have courses start and end whenever we want? I tried the earlier suggested fix of changing the school year to be much longer, but that still doesn’t seem to allow me to adjust the class duration. Asking in the developers’ section in case there’s a coding fix, as I have experience programming and am familiar with PHP. Thanks a lot!

Hi Jake, welcome to the community :smiley:

I think you’re right, the school-year based timetable option wouldn’t work well for a flexible class schedule. Luckily Gibbon is quite modular, so you could use much of the system without using the Timetable module. In place of that, there’s a couple different options:

  • One approach to tackling the timetable issue might be to use the built-in Google calendar integration. The timetable view can overlay any calendar events from both a school-wide calendar (for regular classes) and a teacher’s personal calendar (for individual lessons). Google’s calendar has decent tools for setting up ad-hoc and recurring events of all sorts, so this option may be worth considering, and may get you up and running with less initial development time.
  • Another option is to develop the tools you need as an additional module. This would give you the most control over how the functionality works, but also requires more time and programming to get up and running.

Hope this helps give you some ideas to get you started.