Adaptation to the Brazilian educational model

I have been observing gibbon is a fantastic tool!
But some doubts have arisen about the acronyms and I believe that
It will be necessary to adapt to Brazilian educational system.

The primary is composed of 09 series / years.
The Secondary for 03.

I would like to know more about some points:

1 with the translation process of the years that I have already
Observed within the system Can I adapt our reality?


Thanks for your positive feedback. One of the design aims for Gibbon is to make it as flexible as possible, to suit the widest range of schools. So, for example, the school years/series, can be edited under Admin > School Admin in the main menu and then Manage Year Groups in the module menu. You can remove the year groups that come built into the system, and add your own.

In terms of translation, you can contribute to the ongoing work using POEditor. Just email us at if you want access. The Brazilian Portuguese team has been working incredibly hard of late, with the result that the translation work is 70%+ complete, and so it looks on track to become an officially enabled language in v14.