Trying to add a new activity for sign up. I get this message: Your request failed due to a database error.

Adam, this rings a bell. I think this is because you might not have any activity types set up for activities, which has been fixed in v11, but still a problem on your v10 install. Even if you have no intention of using types, can you please go into Admin > School Admin in the main menu and then Manage Activity Settings in the module menu. Make sure the Activity Types setting has some values, as a comma-separated list (e.g. ,a,b,c (leading comma gives you a blank choice).

Does this help?

Sorted. Thanks!


I am trying to add new activities but still get this message:

“Your request failed because your inputs were invalid.”


Hmmm, that is annoying. Can you send me a screenshot of your settings from Admin > School Admin > Manage Activity Settings so I can try and recreate your settings and then see if I can recreate the issue? The Firefox Easy Screenshot is great if you need a scrolling screenshot for a long window.



Adam, OK, the issue is to do with the fact that you have payment turned off. I have patched it for v12, and the fix is backwards compatible for v11. I have patched your site with the relevant files (in /modules/Activities). However, we need to run the following SQL command on your database, and I can’t see to access it. Do you know how to get into phpmyadmin on your server? If so, can you run this?

ALTER TABLE gibbonActivity CHANGE payment payment DECIMAL(8,2) NULL DEFAULT NULL;

Once that is done, activities adding should work fine.

PS, if anyone is interested in porting this fix back to their v11 install, the changed files are in the following commit:

Only get the /modules/Activities changes, and then run the SQL above on your database.