Accepting a student application

Hi Ross,

Occasionally I’m facing problems in the student application process. It’s the possibility to easily enter wrong data when accepting a student application.

It occurs between “year group at entry” and “roll group at entry”. Wouldn’t it be possible to include an ajax call or something similar to filter “roll group at entry” depending on “year group at entry”?

Kind regards,

Very busy, I guess?

Hi Roman,

Despite the implied connection, there isn’t a direct connection between roll groups and year groups in the system. I assume it was designed this way to keep Gibbon as flexible as possible for many different types of schools. One case could be very small schools with combined grades in one roll group, or a school with a completely different pastoral structure.

The odd mistake can happen and might not be caught before accepting the application. If that’s the case they can be fixed by editing the student’s enrolment.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Sandra!

Roman, sorry, I never saw this post (the notification must have gone missing). Sandra is 100% right, some schools connect roll groups to year groups, others have vertical roll groups that mix different years together. Here Gibbon is trying to cater to all comers. Ross.