Absentees as one of the targets in Messenger

Dear Ross

One of the most important requirements of educational institutes is to notify Parents (and Students sometimes), about their Ward’s absence.
You already have some brilliant groupings as Target (ex. Role, Class, Form Group etc) for easy sending of Messages via SMS/Email/Wall Msg.

Having “Absentees” will REALLY be handy and effective for the institutions. 

Basic Use case: Admin selects the radio button against Absentee, then there’s additional selection to be required for Date (Today, Yesterday or any other date in Past). Include Students - Yes/No —> Submit

All the Parents get apprised of their ward(s) absence via the chosen channel.

Thank you so much.

everykool82, this is a great suggestion. I had added it to the todo list for v12, which you can see here:


It is currently item number 37.

We will update this forum thread when it has been implemented.