2 week timetable

Hi just in the process of setting up Gibbon for the first time. As a school we run a 2 week timetable. I thought that this would be set up as a 2 separate timetables and tie the days to weeks on alternate weeks. When I try this the year groups are not allowed to be part of a different timetable. I have week one setup and working. Could any one recommend the best way to go about setting up the second week timetable in Gibbon

Pedley, welcome to the Gibbon community. I think the best approach here would be to define 10 days instead of 5, within a single timetable, and then tie them to dates in the sequence that you need. It should be possible to achieve what you are looking for. Good luck, and let us know how you get on. Ross.

Fantastic, that works great, thanks for your quick response. Loving Gibbon so far.

Excellent! Can you let us know what school you are at, and what your plan is for Gibbon? This information really helps us understand it audience. Thanks!