2 teachers Same group!

OK, so I have a small glitch and cannot get my head around it.
The scenario is this, I have 1 group of students who have a subject on a Monday, Wednesday and the same subject on a Friday. However, the subjects must be taught by 2 separate teachers. when I add one teacher to the subject/class all 3 subjects appear in their time table. however Obviously I have to add the other teacher to the subject as well so now bothe teachers have all these periods in both their time tables.

The question is how do I separate the 2 teachers timetable


Hi Martin, this is where the exceptions, which you were talking about earlier, come in. You add exceptions in those periods, for only the teacher who you wish to disappear from the timetable. If, in future, you import your timetable from Excel, then the exceptions get created automatically, but in this case you can do it by hand. Cheers, Ross.

Oh I see that is a very clever idea

Thank you