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    That's a relief! THANKS!!!!
  • Upgrade to V24 can't sign in with google

    I had something similar when I tried to upgrade to v24. I couldn't find anything wrong. We do not use Google, Microsoft, or other integration. After two days of troubleshooting unsuccessfully, I was in CPanel for our hosting provider and updating the main website for our organization. There was a notice that the Gibbon installation needed upgrade according to Softaculous. (We had originally installed Gibbon several versions ago using Softaculous.) I clicked upgrade and it gave an error indicating PHP was at version 8.something (maybe 8.23... I don't remember exactly.) It indicated the maximum PHP version that Gibbon supports was 7.4.30 or something, and offered to change it. It did, and everything began working. So my suggestion is to make sure your hosting provider doesn't automatically upgrade PHP versions for the Gibbon site, and also remain aware of the range of PHP versions Gibbon uses for each new version.
    Your situation might be different, especially if you use Google or other integration.
  • Cannot use SMTP for reset password and send email

    In the lines sent from the log file it included the following lines which I'm putting in quotes:

    "data ["27","026","0000000001","001",{"address":"\/modules\/Messenger\/messenger_post.php","email":"Y","from":"","emailReplyTo":"","messageWall":"N","subject":"111","body":"<?xml encoding=\"utf-8\" ?>"

    Notice the emailReplyTo part lists which I think should be (with an added o in the micro part of the email address). In the screenshots, it seems to be spelled the way I would expect. So if this is the problem, it is misspelled somewhere else in the data, possibly in the bhuang email field in his user record, the user record, or more likely the system email ReplyTo configuration.

    I hope this helps.
    -- Glenn
  • Area code dropdown list for phone number doesn't have "1 United States"

    Thanks, Ross. I'll give it a try next week when I have some spare time. THANKS!
  • Pictures are not working in V23

    For at least a week I have suspected some of our potential security problems is that the Apache server account doesn't run as www-data and is therefore requiring permissions for everyone. I'm checking with our data hosting company to confirm that suspicion. Ross, THANKS for this clarification to Ghulam. I suggest adding the 750 recommendation to the install instructions about setting the uploads directory to be writable with a note to ensure the server account is either the owner or group for the directory. It might also help to specify permissions for the contents of the uploads folder. Thanks.