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  • MySQL Server Error during Installation

    Hello community. We are aware of an intermittent "MySQL server has gone away" issue that can occur after Step 3 during installation. This issue appears to only happen on MAMP servers, however it may be possible to happen on other servers. Should this error occur, please check your MySQL error logs. You may see an error similar to the following:

    [Warning] File Descriptor 1122 exceeded FD_SETSIZE=1024
    The recommended fix for this error is to edit your MySQL config and increase the table cache. In MAMP, edit (or add) a my.cnf file in your MAMP/conf folder. On a different server, locate your MySQL config and make a similar change. Then restart your server.

    table_open_cache = 100
    Please reply in this thread if you encounter this error and if the above fix does or does not work. Thanks!
  • display of official name

    The preferred name ideally would not contain the surname, as many screens will display "surname, preferredName", or "preferredName surname". However, if you wanted to use it this way, you could edit the Format::name function so that it only displays the preferred name, and then use an SQL statement like the following:

    UPDATE gibbonPerson SET preferredName=officialName;

    Warning: this would be a destructive operation, as all previous preferred names would be overwritten, and it may look odd in the system unless you edit the code in some areas. Be sure to backup your database first and ideally test this out on local system before using in production.
  • Inquiry on number of terms if three semesters and summer

    Hi richardg. My old school ran a summer school and we added an extra term called Summer to cover this time period, it worked well for us.
  • gibbon installation issue

    Hi waseem, there could be a number of issues here, depending on your server configuration. What versions of Gibbon, PHP and MySQL are you running? The first thing to check, if this is a new localhost setup, is that PHP is working correctly. You can create a phpinfo file to test this out. Otherwise, check your PHP logs, as it looks like a fatal error is preventing Gibbon from loading at all.
  • Reporting Term total from Markbook

    Hi anteneh,

    Yes, you could use this in a new class that extends DataSource, and in the getData() method you could instantiate the MarkbookView object. Since this is a special use-case, you may need to use global $gibbon, $pdo; above that line to bring these into the class (a bit of a hack, but they're guaranteed to be instantiated at that point in the runtime). The gibbonCourseClassID is available in the incoming $ids array as $ids['gibbonCourseClassID'].

    Hope this helps!