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  • Blank white screen appears when trying to add markbook column from lesson planner

    As a note, you can find the location of your PHP logs at the top of System Admin > Server Info
  • URGENT HELP! (image/logo) in Template builder not uploading

    Hi Kelvin, thanks for flagging this issue. I've had a chance to look into it and it appears there is indeed a bug, related to the way v22 changed the custom fields functionality. I've fixed the bug here in v23, you can apply the same patch to your system by copying the file over or making the same changes.

    It looks like the reason it wasn't generating an error message is related to the way browsers handle file uploads, there was a syntax mismatch in the name of the file input, so the $_FILES array was silently failing to be submitted from the browser 😬
  • Keycloak - Single Sign on Authentication

    Hi Dharmik, welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley: Does Keycloak use OAuth2? The next version of Gibbon will support OAuth2 for Single Sign On. We've been working to implement a common authentication gateway, since it's difficult to support every different type of third party login system.
  • Table Properties Pop up

    If you scroll up or down on the page, the hover over should move to the top or bottom of the table. This is the behaviour of the TinyMCE plugin, and not something we've intentionally programmed. However, the tools for editing tables are important to have access to, so you should be able to scroll so that you can type in the table and still access these tools.
  • "Reply to" Option not show from Teacher Login.

    Hi vishalr,

    The Reply To option will only show for users who have permission to send from either their personal email or the organization email. This is generally administrators or other users who have the New Message_fromSchool permission in User Admin > Manage Permissions. This exists as a specific permission so that you can control who is able to email on behalf of the whole school, otherwise the Reply To will default to the email of the user sending the message.

    Hope this helps!