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  • upload students detail with patrent

    Be sure to select [ Skip this column ] for columns that you are not importing, rather than leaving a blank or null value. This can be used for the SEN and Payment fields as well.

    Before accepting the application, can you click Edit to double-check that the email address is in the field, and in a valid format.
  • Data Import Module

    Thanks for the heads up, I've released v1.5.01 which is v22 compatible and fixes the PHPExcel error.
  • Migration to new server issue

    Hi Chellie,

    After migrating the absolutePath and absoluteURL settings in the gibbonSetting table in the database need to be updated, especially if you do not have https setup, then you will need to change the url back to http. The errors you're seeing are related to these values not being correct, therefore the CSS files are not loading. One way to access the database is with a tool like SequelAce, or my installing PHPMyAdmin on your server and accessing it that way.
  • Is it possible to use it as a SASS

    I suspect the answer may depend on what you mean and intend by SaaS (Software as a Service), so if you elaborate on your question and explain more about how you'd envision using Gibbon as SaaS, then we may be able to help answer your question.

    As a note, please avoid posing duplicate topics, as this doesn't generate answers faster, and slows down our ability to read and respond to questions on the forums. I've removed the duplicate post.
  • Commercial use of gibbon

    The client isn't required to publicly share changes they make, but if they do share them, they would need to follow the GNU GPL for sharing those changes keeping the original license intact:

    As a note though, making code modifications for a client would mean that they would not benefit from future updates to Gibbon unless they use version control such as GitHub to fork the Core and then merge in any future versions into their modified codebase.