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  • Is it possible to use it as a SASS

    I suspect the answer may depend on what you mean and intend by SaaS (Software as a Service), so if you elaborate on your question and explain more about how you'd envision using Gibbon as SaaS, then we may be able to help answer your question.

    As a note, please avoid posing duplicate topics, as this doesn't generate answers faster, and slows down our ability to read and respond to questions on the forums. I've removed the duplicate post.
  • Commercial use of gibbon

    The client isn't required to publicly share changes they make, but if they do share them, they would need to follow the GNU GPL for sharing those changes keeping the original license intact:

    As a note though, making code modifications for a client would mean that they would not benefit from future updates to Gibbon unless they use version control such as GitHub to fork the Core and then merge in any future versions into their modified codebase.
  • Updated Search Form

    Hi everyone,

    We've updated the search form here on the forums to use a Google search rather than the built-in Vanilla Forums search. We've noticed that the built-in search is not very good at finding useful results. Since there's lots of info and topics here on the forum, we want to make it easier for people to find the answers they need. Let us know if you encounter any issues with the new search box, otherwise hopefully this is an improvement overall.

  • Resend Welcome E-mail

    Hi Melanie, the best way would then be to direct them to the Forgot Password link for them to reset their password and login. There are some changes coming to the application form in v23, which includes an overhaul to how the welcome letters work, so I think this will help address this issue in the future :smile:
  • form group order on the home page

    The ordering is by the short name of the Form Group, so you could perhaps change the short name. In theory though, a teacher is almost never a tutor for more than one form group, which is why this issue hasn't come up before. Check my response here: