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  • Table Properties Pop up

    If you scroll up or down on the page, the hover over should move to the top or bottom of the table. This is the behaviour of the TinyMCE plugin, and not something we've intentionally programmed. However, the tools for editing tables are important to have access to, so you should be able to scroll so that you can type in the table and still access these tools.
  • "Reply to" Option not show from Teacher Login.

    Hi vishalr,

    The Reply To option will only show for users who have permission to send from either their personal email or the organization email. This is generally administrators or other users who have the New Message_fromSchool permission in User Admin > Manage Permissions. This exists as a specific permission so that you can control who is able to email on behalf of the whole school, otherwise the Reply To will default to the email of the user sending the message.

    Hope this helps!
  • Can't select recipient in Messenger

    Hi Jake, hello from Hong Kong as well! welcome to the Gibbon community.

    I wonder if your server may not support background processing, we haven't come up with the best way to detect this yet, but things like Messenger start a script in the background to send messages, so that the user doesn't have to wait (which used to be a very long wait, depending on the number of users). If you go into System Admin > System Settings and turn Background Processing off, then try and send your message again, it may work. While you're in System Admin, you can check the System Logs for background processing logs, and if it says "running" or "error" then this may help indicate the issue. Be sure to also double-check that your server is setup to send mail.
  • Manage reporting Access by Class

    Great to hear you have it working! Np, I've moved the thread.
  • A word of THANKS

    Thanks Glenn, awesome to hear! Gibbon is certainly a labour of love, so it's amazing to see the community embracing and supporting it. We're always slowly working away on improvements and refactoring, but every once in a while there's a nice leap forward in functionality, so it's great to hear your positive feedback about the recent changes : )