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  • Report By Courses

    Hi t_marcus, every school's reporting needs are a bit different than other schools. Gibbon's reports system is designed to be flexible, and includes some basic templates as a starting point, however to create more specific reporting layouts either an existing template will need to be modified, or an new template created. The reports use the Twig template syntax, which you can read about, and edit/copy the templates themselves in the Manage Assets page. This will require some HTML experience as well as template code. A good place to start would be to duplicate the Report - Courses template in Manage Assets, and edit it from there.

    Another option is Expert Support via If you would like to set up a Zoom call or email conversation, to work through your issues, please contact let us know and we can advise on pricing. Thanks!
  • Error on After Update New Version 22.01

    Hi vishalr,

    Data Admin is an additional module, so it's not automatically updated when you update the core. Be sure to check the Extend page for the most recent v22 compatible version, then download it and update the module.
  • failing to export columns, is it a Bug?!

    Hi Taha, it is working for other v22 installations, so perhaps there is something in your system configuration. Can you check the System Admin > System Check page to see that all the PHP extensions are installed? Another possibility is to double check that the vendor folder was full uploaded when you updated Gibbon. Be sure to check your PHP error log, as it may give some clues as to why the import/export is failing.
  • Free Learning units and their visibility

    Hi Elke, when adding or editing a unit, there is an Access section which enables you to control who can access the unit. You could change the Available To Students to No in this case, and set Available To Staff to Yes. Then be sure that your students and staff are using separate Roles in the system.

  • How to access Gibbon database from PostreSQL.

    Hi imvschule, Gibbon uses a MySQL database, which is not the same as a PostgreSQL database. If you have Gibbon installed, be sure to access it either via command line, or with a MySQL compatible client, such as SequelAce, PHPMyAdmin, etc.