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  • Responsive theme

    Hello jemmyn, we have discussed Bootstrap as one way to move towards responsive design, but rather than relying on a single framework, we are moving towards an inhouse solution. The first stage of this is moving the codebase towards object oriented, which is well underway in v15. Our hope is to have some responsive elements in place in v16 or v17 (see for some upcoming dates).

    In terms of funds, I am currently working to try and establish a legal entity around Gibbon so that we can undertake such fund raising. For now, this is not something we could centrally coordinate, but I guess you could run a Kickstarter project to look at something like this.

    Thanks for your input!

  • Removing students from Roll Groups

    Hi icttech. Sandra is spot on here, and I would only add one thing. If you set a user's end date in advance, the system will stop showing them in most views (e.g. Attendance, Planner, Markbook) once that date is reached. Another step is to use the User Management command line tool and cron to automatically switch such students from status Full to Left. You can see instructions for doing this, and other CLI jobs in Gibbon, using the link below:

    Good luck!
  • Library - public catalog and book reviews

    athar1, all of these are great ideas, but sadly outside of our current development capabilities. The team are tied up with improving the codebase (making such improvements easier in future versions), and so there is limited scope for such improvements just now. Down the road though, these would be excellent to add. Thanks!
  • Extending Gibbon

    Hi Cam, Ross here. I think this struck a chord with @sandra as she mentioned it to me. I think she has another plan up her sleeves (where she keeps many great ideas!), and so I think something in this regard might be in the pipeline soon. Anything you want to add her Sandra? Thanks!
  • Submitting a behaviour incident is not working

    Hi athar1, this is really odd. It is as if it is seeing the PHP file as a plain text file, no processing it, and just returning the contents. Usually I'd suspect this is because the file starts with <? instead of <?php and your server has short codes turned off. But this is not the case.

    Can you try and troubleshooting it by removing everything including and after the ? in the address and reloading the page. What happens?

    Also, if you can check your file permissions on this file on the server and make sure the file is executable?

    Let us know!