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  • Demo Data

    Gibbon uses "Course" differently to your interpretation (welcome to education)!

    I'd start in Admin > Timetable Admin > Manage Courses & Classes, and set up courses like (Year 1 Maths (or 01MA for short), Year 1 English, etc), and then set up classes within that (e.g. 01MA.1, 01MA.2, etc).

    To tie these together into "courses" in the sense you mean, you could then use Roll Group auto-enrolment to automatically enrol students from given rollgroups to given classes.

    I'd then go to Admin > Timetable Admin > Course Enrolment by Class, and enrol teachers (and students if you want to do it manually, rather than auto-enrol) to the various classes, with the "Teacher" role.

    Using Manage Columns, I'd set up a timetable column (which is a reusable structure for the timings within a school day) to set up the session 1-4 structure you have. As all your days are the same, I'd only need one column. Most likely, I'd call this "TT Day 2019-20", and have a new one each academic year, to protect old timetables against future changes.

    Under Manage Timetable, I'd then set up a timetable (TT 2019-20), and give it days called Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...or Red, Orange, Turquoise, depending on how days are tied to dates. Each of these days would use the column structure TT Day 2019-20.

    I'd then import classes into the timetable using Admin > System Admin > Import From File, but you could also edit TT 2019-20 to do this manually.

    Finally, tie your days to dates (one day only per date per timetable) and it should all work.

    Easy right? Well, more likely, flexible, if a little tricky. Good luck!
  • Parents ability to message Teachers

    Hello, we use regular email for parents and students to email teachers (Gmail in our case). The messenger module is really only for bulk message sending, and our parents and students email individual teachers, in general. You can use the Staff module to share teacher email addresses with parents and students. Cheers, Ross.
  • Reporting module. "Oh no! error!

    Hi @BrianE and @meierrom glad to hear it's resolved. @andystat just released v2.20, which is now live on our Extend page...but I'm not sure if it fixes this issue or not. Ross.
  • Setup proccdure

    Hi Martin,

    The resource @meierrom has shared is a good start, but please let us know, as you gain experience, if you want to add anything to it.


  • Change Time-Duration in Home Page Timetable.

    Hi @mrbronz, just FYI, Roman (meierrom) is a volunteer doing his best to help users of Gibbon. It's really hard to find people as dedicated and helpful as Roman, so please help keep our community welcoming and positive.

    I can definitely see the use of having the times displayed as you've mocked up, but I'm not sure anyone on our core team will have time to make the change. In short, we've got very limited resources, and they are trained on some existing priorities for v19. If, as Roman suggested, you'd like to try and hack together a solution, we'd happily look to accept it into the system.