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  • Add Docker support

    Hi Lucas, thanks for sharing all of this background about yourself and your ideas. A lot of your thinking sounds exciting, cutting edge, and exactly what education needs. I guess my question would be (and this has been asked of me many times), why start your own project, when there are others to join? My reason for asking this question is that you've found Gibbon at a unique time, as we transition from a legacy codebase to something much more modern. @sandra is leading this work, and we are very much looking for programmers to join us, to help with the work itself, but also to begin offering input on different directions we might take longer term. Our current focus is on completing an object oriented refactoring of the codebase: forms are 98% done, tables are next, and then we will move on from there. The aim is to reproduce the existing functionality (which is fairly extensive) in a far more modern, scalable and maintainable form.

    Your API point is extremely interesting, not least because I've spent a lot of my life moving data around between various school systems. If you take a look at our Extend page, you'll see a module called Meet The Teacher, which has a partial-API designed to allow Gibbon to talk to a specific online system ( This has worked brilliantly, allowing Gibbon schools to have their data seamlessly synced into a third party system. I see this as an excellent first step towards an eventually more powerful and configurable API.

    We'd love to have you join us, should you be willing to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty with some legacy code. Cheers, Ross.
  • Adding User (Teacher) and assigning in a Department

    David, good question indeed! Giving someone a staff role (such as Teacher or Support Staff) is a step in the right direction, but you also need to register them as a member of staff. You can do this under People > Staff > Manage Staff. Once this is done, they will show up in lists in various places, such as in Manage Departments. Good luck! Ross.
  • Adding Students photo

    OK, the fix is in place in v16, via the commit linked below:

    To apply this to v15, you can find the file src/Gibbon/FileUploader.php, go to line 219 and replace mb_strpos with mb_strrpos (they look similar, but the extra r is important!).

    Thanks to @sandra for the fix.

    Cheers, Ross
  • Attendance query


    That is wonderful to hear...thank you so much for sharing this story : ) We are proud to be part of this along side you, and will keep working to minimise frustration and maximise joy. I am sure @sandra and @andystat will be proud too!

  • Generate Password when creating new user unable to copy the text

    Hey guys, thanks for both proposing an improvement and then implementing a solution : ) It has been reviewed, merged and tested and it looks great. Looking forward to v15 coming out on January 20th so I can see this in the wild! Ross.