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  • asley
    Hi dcowens76 i read your comments and basically I have the same concerns. I spoken to andy and he is willing to customize the reporting module that will be appropriate for both our needs, based on what you have described. is it posible for us to contract Andy to write this module, so the cost would be more affordable.
    January 3
    • dcowens76
      @asley, I'd be happy to go in on that. I went ahead and contracted Andy to work on it for us, but there are a few things making it more significant as a project than he anticipated. I am happy to talk with him about it and see what needs to be done. It seems that the academic credit piece is something that needs to be done but that would modify the base modules of Gibbon. Shall I ask Andy what he thinks?
    • asley
      #dcowens76, Ok run it by Andy and let see what he thinks. Would it be a a refactoring of the entire Gibbon base code? Or the inclusion of modules to produce the report/transcript. What are the timeline and the cost such a project will involve. This is something that i definitely need though.
    • dcowens76
      @asley, Andy says he will finish the project and see where we are. We can talk then. He asked if you were Asley Smith.

      Currently he is working on customizing the reporting module only. But to include academic credit for each class, it makes sense also to modify Gibbon (I am not sure how much refactoring that would require, not being a PHP programmer) to allow courses to specify academic credit, which can be then applied to reports. The idea is out there, but we will see how much it will take.

      One reason this wasn't in Gibbon is that UK schools handle marks/grades differently from American schools or schools with like reporting needs to American schools. This report design will work better for American style transcripts, though of course the design could be tweaked for individual school requirements.
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