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  • Ah, OK. After you updated, did you go to Admin > System Admin > Update to run your database updates?
  • Hi Vince, We've not been able to recreate this issue on our side. Just to confirm, is this at Home > System Admin > Third Party Settings? Can you check your database, in gibbonSetting to see if the setting is being saved in the back end? Th…
  • Hi Afaq, can you please send me an example row from your database (email to if it has confidential data) and I will take a look. Thanks!
  • Hi Roman, As of v17, we've unified all imports (except photos, as you note, and timetables which are coming) under Admin > System Admin > Import From File. This is based on the import tools that @sandra built into her very handy Data Admin to…
  • It could be a XAMP issue, but I still reckon it is related to MySQL. You could do a test by reducing the size of gibbon.sql (e.g. delete everything except the first 10 statements) and then run the installer again. You'll get a broken install of Gibb…
  • @andystat is there anything you might add here, as author of the module?
  • Hi Roman, Data Updater does indeed meet your requests, particularly as of v16, in which Sandra added a Data Updater dashboard, as well as some tools for redirecting parents to update at the start of the year. Updates can be created by parents, and…
  • Hi Harry, you can It is free to use, and allows you to build your own queries. If you apply for a Value Added License (email to request one…
  • Hello fellow nerds! I think Gibbon could provide a base for what you are looking to do, but it does not currently support OAuth/LDAP. Assuming that you could create the code to do this bit, you could then design a custom module to provide the funct…
  • Thanks for the example. This makes sense, and although we wouldn't necessarily be wanting to code up all possible alternatives ourselves, there seem to be some libraries available to do this kind of formatting. @sandra what do you think about using…
  • Hi Andy, I think I might be lacking in imagination, but can you show what this would look like, visually, in a timetable? Maybe just use a table in a word processing document to mock it up. Thanks, Ross
  • Hi Roman, good question. We have "Red Week" and "Blue Week", as opposed to "Week 1" and "Week 2" in our two week timetable. Makes it easier to remember what is what! Ross.
  • Hi Roman, You are spot on, it is a relatively minor change. We introduced this when ICHK Secondary moved from a one-week timetable to a two-week timetable. Some related fields allow colour to be set, so we now have: and: Cheers, Ross
  • Hi Roman, This is really weird, as I can't see this in modules\School Admin\yearGroup_manage_edit.php from v12.0.00. Can you tell me what line number you are looking at? Thanks, Ross
  • Hi Roman, I'm sorry to hear about this, and it is not something we've heard of from any other sources. I've looked into the issue, and the interesting thing is that I think that the behaviour you are seeing has always been the case for most forms i…
  • Hello, this is a very good question, and I am sure there are some formatting tools out there that can do this for us. As an example, can you show how you'd expect a UK phone number to be formatted? Thanks, Ross.
  • Hmmm, that is an interesting one. I can't think of how this would work...but it might be possible. Can you share a mockup of what you'd want this to look like, or what it looks like at present? Thanks!
  • Hi Vimal, whilst this is true, if you use the Timetable, people will see from the design of your columns when different days end. You can use different columns for different days (e.g. days early in the year, vs days later in the year), and so achie…
  • Hi Kevin, brilliant, glad to hear that you got it sorted, and thanks for sharing the solution here. I'll keep this in mind for future cases of mysterious rsync failure ; ) Welcome to v17! Ross.
    in Upgrade to v17 Comment by admin March 3
  • Hi Kevin, I've not had a chance to look into this in detail, but "Operation not permitted" and "DRY RUN" look like interesting candidates for further troubleshooting. The other way to do this is to manually copy over the files. The only thing you h…
    in Upgrade to v17 Comment by admin March 2
  • Hi Develroo, Good question. You could make a copy of one of the themes, rename it, update manifest.php and customise it for a certain window size. I don't think this would be too difficult, but it might take a little playing around with the various…
  • Hi Vimal, At the moment this is not possible. Would it work to divide the school year into two, such as 2018-19 Summer and 2018-19 Winter? Ross
  • I guess it is a restriction on the resources available to MySQL, and so possibly XAMP specific. Did you follow the advice offered by Sandra above? Thanks!
  • Can you tell us more about the OS and server stack that you are using? Thanks, Ross.
  • OK, can you try and install without demo data, and if that works, you can then run /gibbon_demo.sql directly on your database to include the demo data. By breaking it down into two steps we'll hopefully learn more. Thanks! Ross.
  • Hi gpsal, this is very odd. Have you recently upgraded to v17.0.00? If not, which version are you running? Can you check the PHP logs on your server to see if you have any error messages there? If you did update to v17, did you go to Admin > Syst…
  • Hi Kevin, yeah, if the commands worked properly, then you should definitely see v17.0.00 in the footer and in version.php. Please can you run again, as you suggested, and share a screenshot of what you see? Thanks!
  • Hi Mashiro, what kind of error messages are you seeing when non-root pages are not working? Anything in your PHP error logs, or other Apache logs? Thanks! Ross.
  • Hi Khalid, at the moment this is not possible. @andystat offers a commercial Reporting module, that may offer some functionality that you are looking for. In addition, @sandra has some Reporting tools cooking away in the Gibbon Core. Hopefully one o…
  • Hi Khalid, I've made the change in our v18 development branch. If you are running v17, you can take the changes made in the commit linked below, and replicate them in your own system:…