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Preferred Name
  • PHP: Add nameInCharacters to SearchCriteria

    Hi ub123,

    If you open the file src/Domain/User/UserGateway.php you'll see an array at the top of the class called $searchableColumns. If you add nameInCharacters to this array, you should see that this field is now searchable.
  • display of official name

    The preferred name ideally would not contain the surname, as many screens will display "surname, preferredName", or "preferredName surname". However, if you wanted to use it this way, you could edit the Format::name function so that it only displays the preferred name, and then use an SQL statement like the following:

    UPDATE gibbonPerson SET preferredName=officialName;

    Warning: this would be a destructive operation, as all previous preferred names would be overwritten, and it may look odd in the system unless you edit the code in some areas. Be sure to backup your database first and ideally test this out on local system before using in production.
  • Migration to new server issue

    Hi Chellie,

    After migrating the absolutePath and absoluteURL settings in the gibbonSetting table in the database need to be updated, especially if you do not have https setup, then you will need to change the url back to http. The errors you're seeing are related to these values not being correct, therefore the CSS files are not loading. One way to access the database is with a tool like SequelAce, or my installing PHPMyAdmin on your server and accessing it that way.
  • Report By Courses

    Hi t_marcus, every school's reporting needs are a bit different than other schools. Gibbon's reports system is designed to be flexible, and includes some basic templates as a starting point, however to create more specific reporting layouts either an existing template will need to be modified, or an new template created. The reports use the Twig template syntax, which you can read about, and edit/copy the templates themselves in the Manage Assets page. This will require some HTML experience as well as template code. A good place to start would be to duplicate the Report - Courses template in Manage Assets, and edit it from there.

    Another option is Expert Support via If you would like to set up a Zoom call or email conversation, to work through your issues, please contact let us know and we can advise on pricing. Thanks!