Mail notification to teacher or admin when setting a low grade

Is it possible to get dibbon to send me an email is a student gets


  • ops, I left something out.. I wondered if I can get gibbon to send an email to me if a student gets a grade in markbook that is below acceptable ?
  • Hi sanne87, this is, in theory, possible, but might lead to a overload of notifications. When you say "me", what is your role within the system? Or more important, what is the role of the person/people you'd like to be notified? Thanks!
  • Hi. I managed to put a mailnotifyer in the code , its the principal at the school that wants to be notified when a student is having trouble learning. This is beacuse of a new rule in norway where the school is obligated to put in resourses on students below 10 years old whp\o may get beheind on reading, writing or math.. I am the admin, so i just try to do what the users asks...
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