Forgot Admin Password and e-mail not accessible

Hi , Is there any way to retrive the admin password form database? I've forgot the admin password, and my admin e-mail is not accessible. So cant use the forgot password option. Is there any way to retrive it? I can access phpmyadmin but dont know which table to access.



  • Topon,

    These things happen! You can't retrieve the password, as it is hashed, but you can reset it using the following SQL:

    UPDATE gibbonPerson SET password=md5('newPassword'), passwordStrong='', passwordStrongSalt='' WHERE gibbonPersonID=1;

    Replace the word newPassword with your chosen password.

    The first user created by the installer has gibbonPersonID=1.

    Not that the md5 hashing used above is not secure, but it is only for temporary use. Once you log in, the password is salted and hashed with SHA1, which is more secure.

    Hope this helps.


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