Student Enrollment

Based on your getting started video, i'm not seeing student enrollment under user management. What am i missing?


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    Ah, yes, it has been moved to People > Students. You can always use the Fast Finder to get straight to actions, and then work out from the breadcrumb trail where they are : )
  • Thank you. Just spotted it,
  • One more thing, how do I add a teacher to the class?
  • Can you post this as a separate question, just to keep the forum organised?
  • Noted and done.
  • Hello Guys,

    The student enrollment is done (as i see in People > Students > Student Enrolment.) student by student. I meant one by one. The question is: Is there a way to enroll many students to a specific year group/form group ?

    Thanks for your kind answer
  • Hi Dino,

    In User Admin there's an option to Import Student Enrolment, with some instruction on that page of how to use a CSV file to import the year groups & form groups for many students at once.

    Hope this helps!
  • Thanks Sandra.
  • why at Student Enrolment, allways assign admin (me) user, to Parent 1?

    thanks by advance
  • @aperezgt please can you post this as a new thread, and give us more information about what you are experiencing. Screenshots would be useful. Thanks!
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