Moses Odhiambo

I have made installation via softaculous successfully but the admin password could not be recognized and resetting password , the email I provided is not recognized. Kindly assist am new and am in process of knowing gibbons better.


  • Since I deal with two languages, English and Spanish, I have to be careful that I have the language set correctly when logging in as one of the password characters is not typed by the same key on the Spanish and English keyboard layouts. This may not be your situation, but if you deal with two languages it can be difficult to initially diagnose.
  • Hi Mos_odhis, it sounds like your server isn't setup with email sending capacity, such as sendmail or SMTP mail, which could be why you're not able to use the password reset form. As an admin with access to the database, you could use the following command to reset your admin password manually (be sure to replace "yourNewPassword" with your password in double quotes ""):

    UPDATE `gibbonPerson` SET passwordStrong=SHA2(CONCAT(@salt:=SUBSTRING(MD5(RAND()), 1, 22), "yourNewPassword"), 256), passwordStrongSalt=@salt WHERE gibbonPerson.gibbonPersonID=1;
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