Server errors

hi there,

I recently installed my own gibbon system on a server.
But when I try to change system settings, it tells me I have a server error.
But I find no issues.
Any advice?


  • Hi sergeveldhuizen1992, there are many different types of errors and many possible causes. Can you share a screenshot? Also, be sure to check your PHP error log to see if there are specific error messages in there. Any additional details you can share can help troubleshoot the issue.

  • This is the error I get when I want to add a user or change anything.
  • Hi sergeveldhuizen1992, this looks like a server configuration issue rather than a coding issue. Be sure to check your server error logs. I have seen these types of errors where there are typos in the htaccess files or when permissions on files haven't been set to server read/writeable. Hope this helps.
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