multiable install in the same doinname

Hello Gibbon group, i install Gibbon in my subdomain, it can run.
but the Logo and function's button become the error icon.
is any thing i can do, and fix it?


  • Hi Kevin,

    Be sure to check the Base URL at the top of the System Settings, it needs to match the full and valid URL for your Gibbon installation. Assets not loading is a common sign that this URL may be incorrect. Hope this helps!
  • Thank you Sandra, i check the System Setting's URL , is match the URL where Gibbon installation.
    When i try to copy the picture's link and open to new window, it shows 403 error.
    but i check all the folder's permissions, the setting is same like my main installation

    If you need more information.please tell me, thank you.
  • It sounds like it may be the file permissions rather than just the folder permissions. If you're changing permissions with a command like chmod, be sure to use the -R flag to recursively update all the files as well.
  • Hello Sandra, i find the way to fix this probram.
    just need add my subdomain's address to public_html .htaccess
    after add the address ,everything great
    thank you for help :) :) :)

  • Hi Kevin, great to hear you found a solution! Thanks for sharing it as it may also help someone in the future :smiley:
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