After version update v22 to v23, In finance module year switcher option is not available. Please guide us how to solve it.

Old version

After update


  • Hi Vishalr, the year switcher was refactored in v23, and now looks like this:

    I've tested it in v23, and it is working for me. Perhaps try and clear your Gibbon cache (Admin > System Admin > Cache Manager) and your client-side cache.

    Are you getting any PHP error log entries?


  • @admin After clear catch there is not show academic year.
  • Hi vishalr, I notice some different colours in your theme, I wonder if you might be using a different theme, or have customized your theme using tempalte overrides. If this is the case, be sure to include the updated resources/templates/page.twig.html in your theme, or make the relevant changes to your files.
  • @sandra Thanks, after update templates error has solved.
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