Attendance Summary by Term

Is there, can there be an option to have attendance summaries by Term instead of for total days since the start of the school year?


  • Hi Tieku, just to make sure we are on the same page, is this for the Reports module, or somewhere else in Gibbon? Cheers, Ross.
  • Ross please see attachment. It reads “Total number of school days to date:”.

    I’m asking for an option for “Total number of school days since start of the current term:”.
  • Hi Tieku, OK, I see what you mean. This is possible, but our hands are very full at the moment and so it is not something the core team can do. If you, or someone you know, can work it out, we can look to get it into the core as an option of some kind. Cheers, Ross
  • I’ve had more than one school ask this same question I’ll patiently wait till it hopefully makes into the core one day.
  • What’s the name of the file where these lines are displayed and calculations are done? I can start from there:


    It appears that this student is missing attendance data for some school days:
    Total number of school days to date: 79
    Total number of school days attended: 62
    Total number of school days absent: 3

  • The calculations for these happen in the modules/Attendance/src/StudentHistoryData.php and modules/Attendance/src/StudentHistoryView.php scripts.
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