House Points - Old Students.

I note that students who left last year still appear in the View Class house points list. It is a bit confusing for tutors who want an update on their from group. I know that data is retained for historical referencing, but can a flag be added to test for status and only display students for the current year?

Best regards, Andy Richards (British West Indies Collegiate).


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    Hi Andy,
    A full refactor of the House Points system is underway by me, so hopefully within the next week or so this won't be an issue anymore. It should already be fixed on the main GitHub branch (provided my memory is serving me correctly) if you want to test it out but a full official release with more changes will hopefully be out soon.

    Edit: Just reread over your message and noticed that you're talking about the view house points and not the award house points... Not actually sure if I've fixed that yet but will definitely make sure to take a look when I get a chance!
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