Inconsistence Layout in Report Generation

Hello wonderful Gibbon Family,

This is the first time I've generated a final report which looks very good.
I have one issue that's really urgent:
After final generation of bulk class reports I viewed each per student and everything looks good but when I download bulk under "view by report" The downloaded compiled list seems to only look good for the first student and the rest the layout is scrambled. but when I view the same student PDF looks good when PDF is viewed or downloaded as per student.

to be clear: the bulk download of reports under "view by reports" is producing a scrambled PDF report that doesn't have consistent layout.

Kindly I need help with this as downloading for each student will take much time.


Thank You so much.


  • Hello members..

    I fixed the above issue by Replacing all the files in reports module with the current files I guess the cutting edge I took for version 21 had some incomplete renderer or because updating the module has fix my above issue.

    Thank you.
  • Hi Kelvin,

    Thanks for testing this out and sharing your solution! If anyone else has similar issues we'll be sure to share your fix with them.
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