Reports in v22 (Import by Roll Group)

I see v21 introduced importing Reporting Values by Course and v22 (not yet released) introduces importing Reporting Values by Roll Group. A school would really like to report by roll group and import large amounts of data. Is it safe to upgrade them from v20 to 22?

Is the upgrade path v20-->v22 or v20-->v21-->v22?



  • Hi Tieku, to do this you'd need to swap the school from stable to cutting edge, which means adjusting 2 settings in the gibbonSetting database table (search for LIKE '%cutting%'). I'd not recommend it, as it is development code. v22 is out in June 20th, so perhaps you could wait.

    A better option is to try and take the import YML file from v22 and put it in v21, so you can use the import there. I believe that ought to work. Check under /resources/imports.


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