Reports - Importing

I am importing using Reporting Values by Roll Group. I can verify the imports are working when I go to My Reporting; the students go to In Progress or Complete based on the import file Status value. Strangely, the actual Criteria values are not updating. The criteria English is of type Percent Grade. Comments of type Comment, Long are updating with the import.


  • I meant to say "Criteria of type Comment, Long are updating with the import."
  • @sandra any help? Thanks
  • Hi Tieku,

    I did a test myself and it worked as expected. However, with some more checking, I was able to spot the issue: it looks like the percent grade scale uses percent signs for each of the values. So, when importing a value for that grade scale, for it to correctly match with the gibbonScaleGradeID in the database, your Value column will also need percent signs.

    Hope this helps!
  • That worked. Thanks @sandra :)
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