How does Coverage work?


I managed to create the timetable and started meddling with sick leave / coverage.

Under "people > manage substitutes" I added every teacher as an internal substitute.
I went to "people > staff > new absence" and created sick leave for a colleague for four days (all day checked, Substitute Required: Yes).
Without changing the coverage request form I sent it.

As a teacher (using the context switcher) I was not able to find the request.
After fixing the permission the request under "people > staff > open requests".
There I found a table with the four days. On one of the days the colleague has no lessons, so no substitution is necessary and on the other days the system checked if I had any lessons and enabled me to substitute just on lesson - free days. I could also have substituted one lesson on a day I already had my own lessons.

After selecting one day (where the colleague has lessons) and submitting I checked back to the timetable view.
In the timetable view there is one large orange block for substitution of the whole day.
I don't see where I could add my notes to the lessons, take attendance or interact in any form with the lessons I'm supposed to hold.

I expected to be able to provide coverage for single lessons during the time of his sick leave and, since I have the responsibility for the lessons to be able to make entries or changes to the lessons.

Am I missing something?
Would it be necessary to enter every single time period the teacher misses on his sick leave to be able to select single timeslots for substituting? ( I think this is a question similar to the one from paschal in this thread)
How can I enable editing the lesson?
Is there a possibility to switch the timeslot to another course?

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  • Hi again!
    I'm sorry for bumping my own thread, but either coverage is too complicated to explain or I am not able to ask the right questions.
    Since coverage and documentation of the lessons are big topics in our school I need to grasp how gibbon works in this aspect. Playing around multiple times didn't get me the expected results (as described above). I really could use your help or a pointer in the right direction or to a piece of documentation.

    greetings from sunny Austria,

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