Student Attendance History Bug

Hello @sandra & @admin

I did notice a small bug in attendance history: 3rd Feb 2021 is on Wednesday but from this screenshot it shows its on Saturday. I have checked around the system and this error is only visible in the student attendance history

Thank You.


  • Hi Kelvin, thanks for bringing this to our attention. Is this with the new setting for Saturday as the beginning of the week turned on? I think we may have missed this calendar view in our testing of this feature. I'll add it to my list to look into a fix and let you know when we have added a fix to the core.
  • Yes it is with the change of fdotw as Saturday. but again I went ahead and tried one of V21 hosted demo versions (softaculous) and I could still see the same bug under the same view.

    I am learning little by little and I wish I could help with the fix as well..
    meanwhile; Thank you and looking forward to the fix.
  • Hi Kelvin,

    I've fixed this issue for v22, you can see the change in the code here and apply it to your system if you'd like:

  • Thank You Sandra.... let me apply the fix

    Thanks again!
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