MiddleName request

It will be nice if next version add MiddleName field to the user information table.
Thank you...


  • Same concern here. There are Student Records that require placement of Middle Name. This field would be helpful, since most users are not familiar with Custom fields.
    Thank you Adin in advance

  • You may use first name field for this
  • As in most of cases middle name is optional
  • You may use first name field for this

    We use firstname for middlenames as well. Works good so far
  • Hi all! The tricky thing with names is they're culturally relative and different in so many parts of the world, there's no one format that will work for everywhere. This reminds me of a great article from W3: https://www.w3.org/International/questions/qa-personal-names particularly the "To split or not to split?" section.

    In Gibbon, there are a few different name fields. The preferred name shows up in the interface, so it's the best place for putting what the teachers and staff call the student on a daily basis. The first name field could be used to contain the first name as well as any middle names that are not part of the family name. One of my schools has a lot of Portuguese families and they have many different "first" names. There is also the Official Name field which is the best place to put the full legal name of the student, or the exact format you'd like to use on official documents such as reports.

    How you use each field, in the end, is up to your school. Hope this helps!
  • Good day Admin!

    I have decided to rename the string Official Name field into Middle Name.

    Again, thank you Sandra and the rest of the admin for this wonderful system!

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