Why student can't view their invoice?

My students can't view their invoice while their parents can. I need my students can view their invoice


  • Hi buiphung,
    Finance permission is set to parents only . If you want to show invoices to parents , You should change Permission for Students from Admin ..> User Admin ..> Manage Permissions

  • Invoices to Students*
  • Thank ghulamabbas92 .I changed Permisson for student Admin -> User Admin -> Manage Permissons -> Invoice -> View Invoices _ mine: true but it does not work.I really don't know why.Please tell me how i can do this
  • could you share some screen shots so, it can be cleared
  • I think you haven't issued invoices yet. So when the status of invoices issued it will show up on student's dashboard.
  • Thank ghulamabbas92 for your reply. Invoice was paid and it showed up on parent's dashboard. But it doesn't show on student's dashboard. I really don't know why. It is so strange

  • It is showed up on parents' dashboard like this

    But it is not showed up on student's dashboard like this

  • I will get back after testing it and will let you know.
  • Thank ghulamannas92 very much
  • Any help please
  • Hi @sandra , @admin , @meierrom ,

    I found the same issue . Can you look into the matter?

  • Can also confirm it. Seems to be a bug.
  • Hi
    Please tell me how I can fix this bug. It is important with me. Thank
  • Something I just found out. I checked Gibbon v17 and it works just fine there.
  • Ok, here we are:

    File: modules/Finance/invoices_view.php
    Line: ca. 113

    Change the following:
    //if (!empty($gibbonPersonID) and count($options) > 0) {
    if ($gibbonPersonID != '' and $count > 0) {

    Please check it out and report back.
  • Well spotted, this is indeed a bug. Thanks for the quick fix Roman! However, you may find an unintended side-effect is that this enables student access to work but breaks the parent access :sweat_smile: But your fix was very close! I tweaked the script a couple lines up and committed it to v20 here, which you can apply back to v19: https://github.com/GibbonEdu/core/commit/b65fbf9ca8e9d37ba788386170f8c07af5527b0e
  • Thank all very much. I can do it
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