Gibbon Comprehensive Report and Feature Requests


  • Hi Ghulam,

    Thank you for sharing your document, I can appreciate that you've taken the time to put together a comprehensive list. It's awesome to hear your school has been successfully using Gibbon since 2018 :smiley:

    Gibbon's flexibility is one of it's greatest strengths, and it allows the system to adapt to a wide range of needs. I think it's fair to say that out-of-the box, no system could be perfect for any single school, but luckily with Gibbon being open source schools have the option to customize it to meet their needs. That said, the core team of developers tend to focus their limited time on the needs of their particular school, as well as continuing development for our ongoing refactoring work. We do try to assist the community with feature requests, but cannot guarantee them or prioritize them higher than our own obligations.

    It looks like these particular features are a high priority for your school. One way to help ensure they are added for v20 is to find a developer who is able to implement them for you. Another option is commercial support via, in this case be sure to get in touch via

  • Thank @sandra for your kind words. I have some experience with PHP and I will also learn . So, I am pleased if I could do these for a wider community . Please include me in the learning developers list .

    Best regards,
  • Hi Ghulam,

    Sounds great! If you're interested in working on these changes the best place to start would be to setup a development environment and a GitHub account, and then connect your local repository to your GitHub fork. There is some info and links at the bottom of the Contributing doc: You can also find a lot of information and apps online. For example, I use SourceTree as a git client, and I find that really helps handle the many complexities of using git.

    Once you have that setup, perhaps look at your document and find one change to start with. From there you can investigate the code that is related to that page, and see if you can make the changes you need. Be sure to give a shout with any questions.

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