Arabic language not getting translated

So I have installed the Arabic translation and when I activate it, the system does switch to RTL


The strings do not change.

On my local environment, with the same .mo file, it is translating, but on my production environment, it just isn't switching the language.

Where is the first place I should look... to begin the process of debugging?


  • Hi omarosh,

    The most common cause of a translation not showing up is the locale needing setup on your sever, check out the docs here:
  • Hi Sandra

    Thanks so much. I didn't know the locale of the server would have anything to do with it :) thanks a lot. it worked!
  • Hi @omarosh i just switched my system to a new hosting, and i faced this issue, can you please let me know how did you fix it.
    in my case i am on a shared hosting, with DirectAdmin as a control panel, so i am clueless on how to solve it

    Arabic language is installed but it wont show up.
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