Free Learning Courses not showing in Student account

Hi, I have manage to install free learning module and have successfully generated units. However, when I try to login using a student account and clicked on the free learning, nothing shows up. Am I missing something here?


  • Oh, I think I've solved it. I went back to the Student enrollment and added a roll group to that specific student. Then everything is okay. Does gibbon requires that a roll group be set for us to use the system? What is a roll group actually?
  • Roll Group meaning is different for different regions you can also term it as Form Group. In an easy way you can call it as a Grade or Section of a grade.
  • "Home Room" is another term for the same thing. It is the primary class of a student, not always dedicated to academics, but generally to overall well being and achievement. In the UK this is often known as "pastoral care".
  • Thank you for the informative response. Really appreciated :)
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