German / Deutsch / de_DE Translation

Hi there,
I start to translate gibbon to german based on the german github file. But I'm not used to upload my files to github, so I can Link my .po file here when finished.

What I need is the english .po for some modules:
  • Free Learning
  • Policies
  • Committees
  • Meet the teacher
Can someone provide me this files or link to them?

Thanks for good work and best regards,


  • Those are not Gibbon core modules and therefore you are probably better off contacting the respective devs.

    Be also aware that not every module supports translation since this is up to the respective dev.

    Anyway, good luck in this translation effort :)
  • Thanks for your answer meierrom!
  • I started translating Gibbon a long time ago. Now i try to work on, but i am pretty slow.
    Help would be great. For using it in my hole school, a translation is necessery.
    Thanks Stefan
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