V18 Bug on Print attendance history

On clicking attendance----> student history when we choose a student , It appears OK and correct but when clicking on Print button above It shows nothing

Please fix this.


  • Hi Ghulam,

    Thanks for catching this bug. I've pushed a fix to v19 which you can find here:

    You can apply the same fix to your system by updating the modules/Attendance/report_studentHistory_print.php file.
  • Dear Sandra ,

    Thanks for the quick fix .Great Work.

  • Respected Sandra @sandra ,

    I noticed today that after fix print button is no longer available for attenfance history.
  • Dear Sandra ,
    Please ignore above . it is as

    Print button comes on printed page as

  • The print button must not present on printed page
  • On the Print page the print button functions a bit differently and opens the system dialogue for printing from your browser. But, I can see where you might now want it to show up on the final printed document. We may be able to adjust this with some css for print-specific stylesheets, I've made a note to check this out. Thanks!
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