I have created a new rubric. How do I now use it for individual students?


  • Adam, when you create a Markbook column, you can select a rubric for Attainment and/or a rubric for Effort. You can then mark classes of students against the rubric. If you don't like the labels attainment and effort, these can be change in Admin > School Admin > Markbook Settings.
  • Thanks. Unable to create a markbook. No Add icon.
  • Have you set up any courses and classes?
  • Of course. Difference between the two?
  • Courses are containers for classes. So, you might have Year 10 Science (SC10), with three classes (1, 2 and 3), which then can be referred to as SC10.1, etc. Units are tied to courses, and can then be used within classes for planning.
  • Ok. Thanks. I have worked it out now.
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