Add students without an application

Hello, I'm new here. We've been searching for how to add a new student without having to fill out an enrollment application for each new student. We are migrating to gibbon and we just want to add students individually. We tried making the user account for a student but that doesn't show the student anywhere else to be able to assign them to a year or classes. Maybe I've missed it. I apologize if this is already written somewhere. Any help would be appreciated.



  • Hi Chris, welcome to the Gibbon community :smiley:

    There's a couple different ways to enter students in the system:

    - You can enter them manually by creating a User account, then in People > Student Enrolment you'll need to enrol them in the current school year for them to show up as students to be assigned to classes, etc.

    - Entering them through the Student Application can be a bit more time-consuming because it's a longer form, but the handy thing is it takes care of a lot of the other setup for a new student: it creates their account, parent accounts, family, connects the family together, generates usernames, and can enrol them automatically in the current year if a Form Group is selected in the application form.

    - If you're migrating data from another system, the spreadsheet import options may also be useful here. They can be found in System Admin > Import from File. Each of the user account, family info, enrolment, etc. has an associated import available. The importer accepts csv, excel and open document formats, and has a multi-step process to help verify and upload all your data.

    Hope this helps!
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