Delete records without typing delete

Hi folks,

I’m still evaluating Gibbon v17 and I came across a little bug.

It's about deleting a record when typing delete is required, e.g. a user.

To delete a user, one normally must type delete, otherwise it will not go through. Anyway, you can circumvent this by clicking the delete button, then closing the thickbox window, and then clicking the delete button again. Then the record can be deleted without typing delete.

Can you reproduce this in v17?

Kind regards,


  • Hi Roman,

    Interesting, well caught! Yep I was able to reproduce this. I suspect it may be because the confirmation box is just a client-side measure, and something to do with loading the validation through the ajax pagination causes it to only work the first page load. Will take a look and see if there's a fix.

  • Pushed a fix for v18. The validation library needed the form's HTML id to be unique in order to load multiple times in the same page, so I've added a short random hash to the id value and now it's working as expected:

  • Hi Sandra,

    Thanks for this amazing fast fix! It works for me as well!

    Kind regards,
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