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My school is being sold off by our parent company and we will lose our subscription to a commercial MIS package at the same time. We only currently have 41 students so a commercial package isn't really viable. As the computing teacher and an open-source enthusiast, I have been looking for a solution to this. I like the look of Gibbon but am really starting from zero as I haven't done anything like this before.

We have a server infrastructure in the school (Windows 2012) and a good, strong internet connection. All my experience so far has been with Python and C Sharp rather than PHP and HTML and so I am a complete noob regarding setting up something like this.

Is it feasible to set something up like this using our own infrastructure or would it be better to rent a commercial web server?

Do you have any recommendations as to first steps if I try to set this up on our own system? I have full access so could either use the inbuilt Microsoft web server functionality or install an Ubuntu or Fedora server in a virtual machine.

Many thanks in advance for any initial tips on getting started...



  • Hi Simon,

    Welcome to the community: we are all noobs at something or other, and so you are in good company here!

    My suggestion would be to start with a simple LAMP stack running on Ubuntu, as this is a more tested route for running Gibbon than Windows, and we will be more able to help you.

    A lack of programming knowledge should not hinder you, unless your requirements vary considerably from what the project offers. However, the system is designed with flexibility in mind, and so hopefully meets your needs.

    I'd suggest that you look at our Getting Start documentation in order to familiarise yourself with Gibbon's nomenclature and data structures:

    From here, you will hopefully be ready to dive into the system and start entering some of your data. @sandra's Data Admin module (available on our Extend page) will be useful here.

    Let us know what else you need! Cheers,

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