No new online registrations showing

Hi there, I did an online test registration, received a confirmation number 0000006 but it does not show in the system? Thanks Karen.


  • Hi Karen,

    If you look under Admin > User Admin > Public Registration Settings you'll see an option called Public Registration Default Status. Most likely this is set to Pending Approval, and so you have to manually set the user to Full in Manage Users. You can change this setting if you don't wish to moderate new members.


  • Thank you, that was most helpful. Does it mean that the previous enrolments will not show?
    Thanks, Karen
  • Hi Karen, you'll just need to edit previous enrolments to set their status to Full. You should have been notified that there were new applications to approve. Ross.
  • Thanks Ross, no notifications are there that new registrations were done, I know of two parties that said they applied online but I cannot find them?

  • I did a registration online and it's not showing, other parents have confirmed that they also did registrations but in notifications, I cannot find them? Am I looking in the wrong place?
    Thanks Karen
  • Hi Ross
    I Urgently need your assistance. New registrations are done on our website but we cannot find them. Please would you advise where I should see them? There are no notifications of new registrations. Do you have a manual for your system?

    Kind regards, Karen
  • Hi Karen,

    Is there any chance you can give me access to an admin account on your site? You can email the details to I'll then pop in and take a look.


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