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Creating courses and classes

Hi, I am creating a free learning course in Gibbon and have a few questions regarding allocating free learning units to a course and a class. I have created a number of free learning units. Now I would like to take the following two actions: 1/ Link certain units to a certain course (subject). What would be the best way to create a course and then allocate units to it? 2/ This course will be taught repeatedly, but to different classes. How can I create a class within a course? Thank you in advance for your help! Elke


  • Hi Elke,

    Welcome to the forum...and the community : )

    At the moment, Free Learning does not support attaching units to courses, you can only attach them to a department. The only integration with courses and classes exists at the Enrolment stage, where a student can opt to sign up for a unit with a specific class: this means that the teacher of that class becomes the mentor for that student.

    I am working on a course structure for Free Learning, and hope to have it released in the next couple of weeks.


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