Setting up Gibbon in the Kenyan Education System

Hi Admin,
Great work here. Am a PHP developer and API engineer. I wish to understand Gibbon so I can built it an API.

I have scenario as follows:
In Kenya, there is Secondary Education as follows:

It takes 4 years (year 1 - year 4) and has a maximum of 12 subjects
At Year 4, there is a national exam(external exams as per Gibbon)
Year1 - Year 3 -- takes internal exams

Each year has 3 terms
Grading is A-E scale where A is best and E is worst. These grades have marks accompanied e.g

a subject called maths has its grade A as any score above 75/100(this varies with the subject).

I wish to set up Gibbon to have students in Year 1 to Year 4, have subjects (there is no course really - but just years), create the grading and scales, create markbook, create exams, enter marks and print report cards. How do i do this ?

Can start by helping me understand Gibbon terms Course, Class, Unit, Form Group, Year Group etc

Many thanks


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